Color Woodcut

Add brilliance to your imagery by introducing color to your woodcuts and linoleum cuts. In this course we’ll be implementing reduction and multiple block relief printing to produce complex color images through the mediums of linoleum cut and woodcut. Learn which process is most suitable for your imagery and sense of color.

Basic carving techniques will be demonstrated as well as safe handling and care of tools. You will become familiar with different qualities of materials used for relief printing such as different types of linoleum, wood, and paper. This workshop is most suitable for the experienced relief printer that wants to create multicolor prints, but all levels are welcome. The instructor will be able to help during every step.

Start the term with these supplies:

  • An idea in the form of a color sketch or photograph

  • One block of ¼” shina plywood 8 x 10 inches (included in lab fee)

  • Tracing paper

  • Sketching paper

  • Pencil

  • Newsprint pad 11” x 14” or larger

  • Paper for printing – We will discuss types of paper suitable for relief printing in class

  • Optional – one set of wood cutting tools that includes a knife, u-gouge, and chisel (see recommendations below)

  • 2-4 pieces of unmounted battleship gray linoleum or shina plywood (your choice). Do not use easycut, rubber, or mounted linoleum.

  • Advice regarding the purchase of carving tools: Some carving tools will be made available for use during class, but many students prefer to purchase their own so they can carve outside of class.

  • Niji makes an economical set of low quality, but usable tools that cost approximately $22.00 per set.

  • A higher quality set of five tools made by Powergrip is available from Amazon for only $25.67. This set is good for beginner to intermediate carvers, and printmakers on the go. A wide selection of tools for beginners through professional carvers can be purchased from McClain’s Printmaking Supplies. They sell tools individually, or as sets.

  • Lab fees include the use of some inks, modifiers, solvents, paper towels, and one wood block. The lab fee does not include paper costs.