Comic Books: Getting Started

Learn the basics of comics from writing, sketching, and character development to basic visual storytelling techniques.

In this class, you will compose a short 6 to 12-page story, and learn how to format your comic book for final printing. Discover different drawing and inking techniques, along with a cursory history lesson in many genres of comics. Walk away with a better understanding of one of the most versatile narrative mediums, along with some great drawings!

What you will learn:

  • Write a script/make thumbnail

  • Using correct tools and formats for print

  • Basic understanding of story pacing and page composition

  • Basic understanding of blocking out and composing panels

Required supplies:

  • Sketchbook

  • Pencil (s)/eraser(s)

  • Precision pens (Micron 01, 05, 08 recommended)

  • Bristol paper (14×17 and 11×14 recommended)

  • Brushes (watercolor brushes recommended), not needed immediately

  • Ink (Sumi ink recommended), not needed immediately