Creative Glazing (two-day immersive workshop)

The glazes you choose are a large part of the identity of your ceramic work. How can glazes be used to enhance surfaces and forms? This workshop will cover slips, stains, trailing and washes and the relationship between clay bodies. Learn about mixing, temperatures, testing and the full creative potential of the medium. The instructor will provide insights into personal experience as a working ceramicist and sculptor.

What you will learn:

  • Safe and proper techniques and procedures when working with glazes and stains.

  • The forms and conventions of ceramic art when working with surface treatments.

  • How to use slips, stains, trailing and washes on bisque.

Required supplies:

  • Notebook

  • Pencil or something to write with

  • Glaze brushes (preferably large glaze brushes that hold for smooth application, as well as a small brush for details)

  • Sponge

  • Mixing cups

  • A few pieces of bisqueware to work on as well as several tiles or broken pieces for testing