Digital Photography: the Image

Ready to take your photography to the next level? Review the basics of the digital camera functions and dive into the art of creating a photographic image. This class will take you beyond the basics of photography and will explore more advanced uses of the camera as well as the techniques and strategies behind creating compelling photographs. Weekly classes will generally be a mix of discussions, presentations, review of student images, and hands-on activities with our cameras both inside the classroom and outdoors in the neighborhood around Fleisher. Students should have consistent access to a camera for the duration of the course and will be highly encouraged to spend time outside of the class shooting projects to practice the skills covered each week. Most styles of cameras are welcome, though to take full advantage of the techniques that will be covered during the course a camera with an interchangeable lens is recommended. This includes any DSLR and many mirrorless cameras as well. Information about cameras including recommendations will be covered in the first class. You are also welcome to contact the instructor with questions ahead of time.

What you will learn:

  • Develop a greater mastery of basic photo concepts including: equivalent exposures; depth of field control; effects of focal length; shooting modes; and focus controls

  • Develop a greater understanding of digital imaging concepts

  • Develop a stronger ability to recognize compositional elements and and how to apply them purposefully

  • Learn how to recognize the more subtle qualities of light, how it changes constantly, how it can be manipulated, and how to use it effectively in photographs

  • Explore how adjustments using software such as Adobe Lightroom can be applied

Required supplies:

  • Digital single lens reflex camera, digital mirrorless camera, or a digital point and shoot camera with manual controls

  • Memory card

  • Flash/thumb drive

  • The lab fee includes the use of our digital studio and one digital print