Discovering Printmaking: Relief (six-session workshop)

Ever wanted to make your own prints? Come learn easy ways to make prints in class and that you can make at home. We’ll be exploring relief printing, also known as block printing. We’ll start with easy to carve rubber blocks, then move on to linoleum blocks. We’ll print by hand with thin Asian papers. We ’ll also use a table-top Vandercook proofing press. Adventurous students can explore two- and three-color prints, both hand printed and on the press.

We’ll also visit the Print and Picture Collection at the Free Library of Philadelphia. We’ll examine relief prints from the 19th and 20th century from their collection, and look at examples of a print through several states to understand color layering and registration.

What you will learn:

  • Students will be able to transfer and cut images into a block

  • Students will pull one- and two-color prints

  • Students will learn to handle printmaking paper, mix color, register layers; curate/sign/number an edition of prints

  • Students will work in the community setting with shared materials and equipment; clean work area and tools

Required supplies:

  • Yasutomo Sumi Paper, 50-sheet pad

  • Two sheets printmaking paper, 22” x 30”, 100% rag. E.g., Arches 88, BFK Rives, Somerset

  • Soft-Kut rubber blocks

  • Linoleum blocks

  • Inks, brayers, and cutting tools will be provided