Drawing in Color

Take your drawing to the next level and explore the process of drawing in color. You will continue to improve your eye and knowledge through handouts, note taking, demonstrations, and lots of drawing from still life and a live model. We will discuss color theory, practice perceiving and rendering color in a variety of subjects, and explore background and subject color relationships. Working with dry medium such as pastels, drawing pencils and conte crayons will help us achieve a deeper understanding of how to render the world in color.

What you will learn:

  • Make detailed rendered value drawing of real objects

  • Create volumetric drawings using light and dark in multiple mediums

  • Drawing from observation, and learn how to perceive and render in color

  • How to create thumbnail drawings (a valuable drawing tool)

Start the term with these supplies:

  • Prismacolor colored pencil set, assorted colors, set of 12

  • H, HB pencils

  • White drawing paper pad, 11×14 in. to 14×17 in. or similar

  • Kneaded eraser

  • White plastic eraser

  • Sharpener

  • Later in the term, you will need: Strathmore 400 series toned mixed media drawing pad, 11×14 in., 15 sheets, prism color colorless blender pencil