Drawing Into Painting

This course is for students who would like to review their drawing compositional skills and approach painting on canvas as a new medium.

The first few weeks will be spent reviewing drawing skills, developing ideas for painting and discussing painting materials, demonstrations of color mixing and how to transfer their subject to the canvas. Midway through the course students will begin creating paintings based on their drawings and exploring painting as a medium. Students may choose oil paint or acrylic paint as their medium.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of scale and composition in painting the still life or landscape

  • Drawing with paint

  • Transcribing color values from your black and white drawings to color

  • Painting techniques and paint mixing

  • How to tell when a painting has reached its conclusion

Start the term with these supplies:

  • Pencils

  • 14″ X 17″ Drawing pad (80lb.)

  • Charcoal (med/soft)

  • Eraser

Midway through the term you will need:

  • Paper palette and palette knife

  • Several sizes of flat head and round head brushes

  • Stretched canvas (sizes will be discussed in class)

  • Oil paint or Acrylic paint of your choice in the following colors: a large tube of white paint, and regular size tubes of cadmium red, primary yellow and primary blue, burnt umber, burnt sienna and violet(purple)