Drawing with Confidence

Designed for students who already have a grasp of basic drawing techniques, this class takes you deeper into form, structure, and expression. Students will be learning key concepts such as atmospheric perspective, detailed rendering, intermediate perspective, use of color, and combining materials. Each class features a directed exercise designed to be used for more complex subject matter. This class is intended for those who are looking to take their drawing to the next level.

What you will learn:

  • Make detailed rendered value drawing of real objects

  • Create volumetric drawing using light and dark in multiple mediums

  • Create foreground, middle ground, and background

  • Handle complicated subjects and correctly place groups of objects

  • Begin to develop an understanding of decisive, quick sketching

Supplies for the first class:

  • Soft vine charcoal

  • Kneaded eraser

  • 18” x 24” Strathmore sketchpad or similar white pad

Supplies for later in the term:

  • Charcoal pencils (range of soft to hard)

  • White drafting eraser

  • Graphite drawing pencils: HB, 2B, 4B

  • Charcoal drawing pad 18×24”

  • 9 x 12” pad of toned paper (one size bigger is fine too)

  • Paper towels

  • Nupastel prismacolor set (Rembrandt and Sennelier is fine too)

  • One small palette knife

  • Small blending brush

  • Ruler