Drawing with Pastels (five-session workshop)

Explore the rich and vibrant medium of pastel drawing. Learn different application techniques like blending and cross-hatching to create still-life and landscape drawings. Experiment with using pastels combined with other media like charcoal and gouache, while learning about color and design.

What you will learn:

  • The difference between pastel pencil, hard pastel, and soft pastel

  • Color: analogous color, complementary color, contrast

  • Application techniques: blending, layering, cross-hatching

  • Techniques for using pastels in combination with other media (gouache and charcoal)

Required supplies:

  • Sargent Art Soft Pastels- set of 12

  • One or two sticks of hard pastels

  • One white or color of your choice pastel pencil

  • Mi-teintes pastel pad – assorted colors (12x 16 inch, 24 sheets)

  • Soft cloth for blending, spray fixative

  • Gouache, watercolor or acrylic paint

  • Stick of vine or compressed charcoal for experimentation