Exploring Boxes and Enclosures (six-session workshop)

In this workshop, we will explore storage methods for books and small objects. We will create a variety of archive-quality boxes, folders, and a fun box or two. You will gain a solid foundation in basic box-making skills as well as experience with various tools and materials.

Special Notes:
This is an online class hosted through Zoom. We recommend that you download the free Zoom application on your computer, phone, or tablet in advance of the first class. You will receive a confirmation email containing a link to join the course via Zoom. The same link will be used each week.

Tuition Assistance is Available
To make our classes and workshops accessible to everyone, Fleisher offers tuition assistance every term so that everyone can join our creative community. We have recently streamlined the application process, making it even quicker and easier. Tuition assistance applications can be completed once registration is open by clicking here. The deadline to apply is Friday, May 28.

Required supplies:

  • Studio clay is provided as part of your studio fee, or if you purchase new clay it includes firing and glaze fees

  • 24” wire armature

  • One clamp

  • Spray bottle

  • Plastic wrap/trash bag

  • Calipers

  • Clay modeling tools, preferably a flat about 2” wide tool, a thinner finer tool, and a rake. It’s helpful if one of the tools offers a straight edge

Required tools:

  • Pencil

  • White eraser

  • Metal ruler

  • Triangle

  • Scissors

  • Olfa cutting knife with extra blades

  • Bone folder

  • Stiff bristle brush – for gluing

  • Self-healing cutting mat or piece of scrap board to cut into

  • Small container for glue (disposable cup will work)

  • Binder clips – at least two medium-sized

  • A nickel

Required materials:

  • Bookbinding glue

  • Double-stick tape

  • Scrap paper – for gluing up on

  • A piece of plastic wrap

  • A small piece of bubble wrap

  • White tissue paper

  • Two pieces of decorative paper 32”x 40” or larger

  • Two sheets crescent not foam corrugated cardboard – 32” x 40”, white and kraft

  • One sheet Strathmore 400 Series bristol board – 22” x 30”, two-ply, smooth

  • One sheet Strathmore 400 Series bristol board – 22” x 30”, three-ply, smooth

  • One sheet Strathmore 400 Series bristol board – 22” x 30”, four-ply, smooth

Items to make boxes and folders for:

  • 4” x 6” postcard

  • Two double AA batteries (can be dead)

  • A quarter

  • Plain 4” x 6” frame (can be empty if you like)

  • Standard box of matches 2” x 1.5” x .33” (fancy ones vary in size)

  • Pre-recorded cassette tape case (blanks were different sizes) 2.75” x 4.25” x .6”

  • Business cards