Figure Painting (six-session workshop)

The course focuses on the exploration of basic principles of the Russian academic approach in figure painting. This approach traditionally fuses different influences with the classic sense of the integrity of the picture and thus it allows students to incorporate their own vision and taste in painting while remaining “academic.” In a short time, students will cover several fundamental issues of figure painting from life and explore different techniques.

Students will learn how to arrange an image plane and understand principles of composition in painting; to see and understand correct proportions and “personality”; to understand and organize harmonious relationships of colors, values, and textures; to use various tools and paint application methods.

Special Notes
This is an in-person class that will take place in our 2nd floor rear studio with strict social distancing protocols and a maximum of six students in the space. Students will be required to wear masks for the entire duration of the class. Please see our COVID-19 community safety policies.

Tuition Assistance is Available
To make our classes and workshops accessible to everyone, Fleisher offers tuition assistance every term so that everyone can join our creative community. We have recently streamlined the application process, making it even quicker and easier. Tuition assistance applications can be completed once registration is open by clicking here. The deadline to apply is Friday, May 28.

Required supplies:

  • Palette for mixing colors (wooden or plastic or metal, please no disposable palettes)

  • Soft and medium-soft brushes for working on a smooth panel or canvas

  • Palette knife

  • Turpenoid or odorless turpentine

  • Oil painting medium

  • Paper towels or rags to clean brushes

  • Cardboard tray to transport wet paintings

  • Pencil and paper to take notes

  • Four canvases or panels sizes: 9”x12” to 18”x24”

  • Professional grade oil paint colors (40 ml tube) as follows: Titanium white, Cadmium yellow light (or lemon), Light or yellow ochre, English red or burnt Siena, Cadmium red light, Alizarin crimson, Ultramarine, Viridian or emerald green, Burnt umber or oxide brown, Ivory black

  • If you already have a color palette and brushes that work for you, please bring your own familiar materials

  • If gessoing your own panels/canvas please follow these directions: Use Liquitex professional gesso. Apply the gesso using a large flat soft brush. Apply three coats allowing the gesso to dry between each application. Once dry, lightly wet sand the surface until the gesso is smooth.