Inking with a Brush

Love comic books and illustration and want to enhance your style? In this class, you will learn to use the brush for inking comics and illustrations to give your work more variety and depth. You will work with different types of brushes, papers, and inks to learn a number of techniques employed by the best inkers and artist working today. Every class we will learn and employ a technique so you leave every class with a new inked piece. We will also cover how to scan in your work and edit it digitally and give it that professional look and flare.

Required supplies:

  • A pad of 9 x 12 smooth bristol and vellum

  • Tracing paper

  • Brushes

  • Princeton brand or any brush used for watercolor

  • Pentel brush pen

  • #2 pointed round, #4 pointed round, #6 pointed round, and flathead brushes. Bring old watercolor brushes with you as well.

  • Ink

  • Chinese black ink or sumi ink (Yasutomo)

  • Optional; Dr. Martens black ink waterproof; India ink (Higgins); Speedball super black