Intro to Digital Photography (five-day immersive workshop)

Immerse yourself in a five-session intensive about digital photography. This course is ideal for students who are new to photography, want to learn manual operations of the camera, or are simply seeking to expand their photographic practice. During a variety of fun photographic sessions, you will gain confidence and knowledge of the digital camera. Activities and photo assignments will give you the “depth-of-field- ability” to create the desired dramatic effects in your photos. Together we will learn about the camera, the history of photography, and historical and contemporary photographic examples. You will master priority modes, manual mode, depth of field, composition, color balance, and more! Students will also learn a basic Adobe Photoshop workflow to interpret their images in post-production. Daily photography assignments keep your learning fresh and allow you to implement and expand upon your practice outside of class hours.

All kinds of digital cameras are welcome: compact point-and-shoot, the new mirrorless cameras, and SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras. Tripods are not required but welcomed. Instructor Nicole Schwartz is available to give advice on finding a camera to suit your lifestyle, inquire with the registrar, about contacting the instructor for information.

What you will learn:

  • Confidence of the technical aspects of a digital camera (ISO, shutter speed, and aperture)

  • An understanding of light and how to create exposures in all lighting conditions (day night/interior/artificial or mixed light)

  • Photographic composition and aesthetics

  • Post-process of sorting photographs in Adobe Bridge, file correction in Adobe Camera RAW, and basic editing in Adobe Photoshop

  • Introduction to critical discussion of photographic work