Intuitive Color

Explore color combinations that create mood and space in a painting. You will learn color theory including: properties of transparent verses opaque colors, earth pallets, and warm and cool color pallets and new techniques for applying paint. We will look at wide variety of artists work to draw inspiration from. You will work from still lives focusing only on color rather than drawing, the result will be loosely abstract color paintings. Making one painting per week we will focus on a different color theme each class. This class encourages experimentation, giving you the freedom and confidence to try new color combinations and paint applications.

What you will learn:

  • Learn warm and cool primary color pallets

  • Different uses of opposite colors

  • How to capture light and shadow using color

  • Color relationships in the context of a composition

  • Learn new paint application techniques

Required supplies:

  • Gamblin Paints/Williamsburg 37ml (may get 1980 to cut down cost): Naphthol Scarlet (Opaque) warm; Quinacridone magenta (transparent) cool; Indian Yellow (transparent) warm; Cad Lemon yellow (Opaque) cool; Ultramarine Blue (transparent) warm; Cobalt teal (opaque) cool; Yellow Ochre (opaque) neutral; Ivory Black (opaque) neutral; Burnt Sienna (Transparent) neutral; Titanium white (opaque) cool

  • Palette knife (triangular tip with a dip handle)

  • Paper palette

  • 1” flat synthetic

  • 1/2” flat synthetic brush

  • 3” soft rubber potters rib

  • Canvas Pad 11×14”, yupo paper pad 11×14”, gesso board 12×12”

  • Paper towels/rags

  • Terpinoid or Gamsol 12oz

  • Glass container with lid

  • Small Neo Meglip Gamblin painting medium (optional)

  • Small Galkyd light painting medium (optional)