Intuitive Portrait Painting

Every painter has their own methods. Portrait painting can be done within an expansive variety of techniques and approaches. To paint intuitively is to choose between these strategies individually, and employ them instinctively. An artist must be able to adapt to the model, the set up, and be open to exploring new methods. This workshop will dissect a few classic techniques while branching out into more advanced methods. It will include discussions and demonstrations on drawing, palette choice, color, and mixing. Recommended for intermediate students.

What you will learn:

  • Adaptive color mixing

  • Drawing with color

  • Prioritizing thickness of paint

  • Adaptive palette choices

  • Palette knife uses

Required supplies:

  • 16 x 24” canvas (primed with the grey acrylic)

  • One cheap chip brush for priming canvases

  • Assortment of filbert brushes 2-10

  • Paper towels

  • Painting palette

  • Odorless turpenoid or gamsol

  • Two palette knives, small and medium, pointed tip

  • One tube acrylic Golden Neutral Gray N6 (for priming canvases)

  • Oil paint colors: Burnt Sienna , Cadmium Yellow , Cadmium Scarlet (red is fine too) , Ultramarine Blue , and Titanium White

  • Additional supplies, to be discussed: three more canvases for each class, primed with the grey acrylic; additional colors such as Perylene Red (gamblin brand) Alizarin Crimson Indian Yellow Phthalo Green Phthalo Blue Zinc White