Jewelry: Stone Setting

Ready to take your jewelry to the next level? Learn to embellish your pieces with a variety of stone setting styles in this four week summer workshop. Understand the techniques behind fabricating the stone settings, including measuring stones and translating them to the metal to be made into settings. Topics covered will include bezels and hybrids, prong settings of single stones, multiple stones covering a whole area similar to pave, shared prongs, singular large stone settings in prongs, flush settings – and not to forget, an assortment of creative exotic settings! Explore how to attach different materials like wood, paper and shell into the jewelry or metal objects being made. The class will also delve into wax carving for setting fabrication. Please be prepared to bring some stones to practice on.

What you will learn:

  • Measuring stones for settings

  • Fabricating stone settings out of metal

  • Variety of stone setting styles

  • Settings for alternative materials like wood or paper

  • Wax carving a setting

Required supplies:

  • Stones of various sizes to set into jewelry or metal sculptures