JumpstART – Blue Beauty: Cyanotypes

Fleisher’s JumpstART Workshops are single-session workshops that provide an introduction to our rich offerings and specialized studios. Led by our renowned teaching artists, the workshops are a welcoming and fun way to engage with art and share the experience with family and friends. You will walk away with a new understanding of a creative medium and an original artwork! All supplies are included.

Discover a historic photographic printing technique that you can do in your own backyard! This workshop will provide you with a brief introduction to the cyanotype process, which was discovered by Sir John Herschel in 1842. Cyanotype was used for over a century to reproduce drawings and images (it was especially popular among engineers, thus the term “blueprint”), including the first books of photography ever published.

Weather permitting, we will be making prints outside in the sunlight, using found objects to create photograms or “digital negative” transparencies to create photographic images on pre-sensitized paper. The resulting blue images are truly one-of-a-kind, and the process lends itself well to experimentation and play.