Meditative Drawing

Meditative Drawing is a class where you will learn about meditative practices through drawing. We will study and discover how the ancient Asian cultures utilize drawing meditation practices, such as mandalas, and their variations such as the zen-tangles system to develop mindfulness. Moreover, you will learn about how to boost your creativity and the power and benefits of these practices for mind and body wellness.

Special Notes

This is an in-person class which will take place in our building with strict social distancing protocols and reduced student capacity. Please see our COVID-19 community safety policies.

Tuition Assistance is Available

To make our classes and workshops accessible to everyone, Fleisher offers tuition assistance every term so that everyone can join our creative community. We have recently streamlined the application process, making it even quicker and easier. Tuition assistance applications can be completed once registration is open by clicking here. The deadline to apply for summer term assistance is Friday, May 27th. Tuition assistance notifications will be sent by Wednesday, June 1st.

What you will learn:

  • To improve your attention and ability to focus

  • Cultivate your mindfulness

  • Meditate while you are drawing

  • How to create your own patterns and designs

  • How to express yourself through your creations

  • Improve your drawing skills

Required supplies:

  • A sketchpad, size 9×12-inches or 11×14-inches

  • Drawing pencils HB, 2B, 4B, 8B

  • Painters tape (blue)

  • Kneaded eraser

  • Staedtler eraser

  • Cotton swabs

  • 2-inch brush or similar size

  • Small plastic container for trash

  • Ruler

  • Mechanic pencil

  • Prismacolor colored pencils (box of 24)

  • One charcoal pencil, black

  • One charcoal pencil, white

  • Tracing paper pad 9×12-inches, Strathmore

  • Black Sharpie, ultra fine point