Oil Painting

A structured course for the beginning student that introduces painting materials and basic techniques. The focus is on oil painting, but acrylics are permitted. Previous drawing experience strongly recommended.

Fleisher will be closed on Monday, May 25, to observe the Memorial Day holiday, the make-up session will be on June 8.

Participants must have a valid Fleisher membership. Please note that our tuition-free classes for adults fill very quickly. If you are considering purchasing a membership in order to register for a tuition-free class, please click “register” to check whether or not the class is full prior to your purchase.

What you will learn:

  • Painting materials and tools

  • Alla prima painting technique

  • Basic color theory

  • Chiaroscuro

  • Glazing and scumbling

Required supplies:

  • Four canvases (16×20 inches suggested); do not use canvas board or canvas paper

  • Palette or pad of disposable palette sheets

  • Palette cup

  • Odorless paint thinner (quart or larger recommended)

  • Large and small jars with lids

  • Refined linseed oil or prepared oil painting medium

  • Metal painting or palette knife

  • Natural bristle brushes in a variety of sizes and shapes

  • Soft vine charcoal (thin stick)

  • Spray fixative (optional)

  • Paper towels or soft, lint-free rags

  • Paints:Titanium white (large tube), Burnt sienna, Yellow ochre, Lemon yellow, Cadmium yellow (medium) or permanent yellow (medium), Cadmium red (medium), Alizarin crimson, (French) ultramarine blue, Cerulean blue, Ivory black, Cobalt blue and Zinc white, raw sienna