Papermaking: Print Pulp

Would you like to learn how printmaking techniques can transform your images into handmade paper? First, you will learn to make sheets of handmade paper from different fibers. We will add pigmented paper pulp through various stencil printing techniques including screenprint. Using your own images and words, we will create acetate stencils to transfer them into handmade paper. You can combine and rearrange stencils and incorporate collage and layering techniques to create a variety of handmade paper sheets that are unique pieces of art.

What you will learn:

  • Learn the technical skills to create uniform sheets of handmade paper, including pulp preparation, sheet formation, and the drying process

  • Print with stencils using screenprinting techniques

  • Learn decorative techniques such as pulp pigmenting, fiber embedding, and stenciling

  • Basic historical understanding of handmade paper

  • Learn how handmade paper and the papermaking medium can be used for artistic expression, and how it can be used with other media

Required supplies:

  • Sponge, 100% cellulose (no scrubbing pad)

  • 4-cup size yogurt container

  • Scissors

  • Basic drawing supplies: Pencil and paper to design images/stencils

  • Basic drawing supplies: Pencil and paper to design images/stencils

  • X-acto knife and cutting mat (or old magazine), fine point marker such as a Sharpie

  • Students may want to bring plastic aprons and waterproof shoes

  • Additional information: Instructor will provide molds and deckles, pigments for pulp, syringes for pulp manipulation, and screens for stencil layers