Portrait Sculpture

Students will learn portrait through the study of the major geometries of the head and the anatomy which is influences them. This will be accomplished through quick 3D sketches and longer studies, both half and life size. Students will gain an understanding at how to arrive at a likeness of the model.

Participants must have a valid Fleisher membership. Please note that our tuition-free classes for adults fill very quickly. If you are considering purchasing a membership in order to register for a tuition-free class, please click “register” to check whether or not the class is full prior to your purchase.

Please be advised that due to Fleisher’s Founders Award Celebration, we will not hold evening classes on June 6. This session will be made up on June 13.

Required supplies:

  • A ruler

  • Calipers

  • Modeling tools

  • Notebook

  • Plastic bag

  • Rag to keep the clay head wet

  • Two head armatures