Sculpture: Heads, Hands and Feet

A requiring issue in figure sculpting is the ability to complete the piece with the focus on details such as head, hands, and feet of the model. Often the artist in a figure modeling class will have the movement, the masses, and progress in their modeling techniques However, there is usually a lack of focus on the smaller details of the figure.

If you are having trouble finishing a piece because you can’t do the head, hands, and feet, this class will be a perfect setting to learn the skills that you will need to refine the details. In the course of this class, you’ll create a full-sized hand, full-sized foot, and full-sized head to develop your skills with these parts of the body.

Required supplies:

  • Studio clay is provided as part of your studio fee, or if you purchase new clay it includes firing and glaze fees.

  • Modeling tools

  • A plastic trash bag

  • Piece of string