Shaping Canvas: 3D Painting

Push your painting to the next level and explore the intersection of painting and sculpture. This class is a crash course in stretching canvas three-dimensionally and treating painting as a sculptural form. You learn to design the core structure of the form and build it from wood. Working with raw canvas you’ll learn different techniques of stretching canvas on a three-dimensional form. Finally, you’ll apply paint to the structure while paying close attention to the surface and structure of the form.

Start the term with these supplies:

  • Pencil and notebook

  • One piece of softwood, pine or poplar, 12″ by 24″. MDF board will also work.

Later in the term you will need:

  • Raw canvas, size will depend on the size of your structure

  • A set of 6-10 acrylic paints, your choice of colors

  • A set of paint brushes

  • Gesso

  • Tsquare