Silk Aquatint Etching

Come explore the basics of line etching techniques and learn how to achieve a wide tonal range and detail in your images. Using zinc plates (available in school store) you will learn to etch and print your images as print editions (multiples.) Projects, collaboration, and experimentation will be encouraged along with developing innovative and unconventional tools for your markmaking. You will get demonstrations and hands-on practice in: zinc plate preparation, ground application, drawing, acid etching, inking, and printing on a press to create an edition. This workshop is suited for beginners, and also offers intermediate students an opportunity for a deeper exploration of the medium including rosin aquatint, soft ground etching, spit bite, mezzotint and drypoint techniques. Historical and contemporary artists will be introduced throughout the term.

What you will learn:

  • An extensive knowledge of the history and contemporary practice of etching

  • Various traditional techniques including hard ground etching, soft ground etching, scraping and burnishing, mezzotints, aquatints including spit bite, rosin, and soap ground

  • Exploring unconventional and innovative tools for creating marks on a plate

  • Making editions, multiples, simple registration techniques, and further working knowledge about printmaking

  • Emphasizing collaboration and the advantages of working with others in a print shop

Required supplies:

  • Zinc plates

  • • Scriber etching needle

  • Other supplies: paper – Rives BFK Arches; newsprint 18×24 pad; burnisher; scraper; rubber gloves; etching ink; paper towels