Two Figure Sculpture

This course concentrates on the development of a dialogue between the forms and gestures of the two figures, with the goal of enlivening the space between them. Two models will pose concurrently through each session. This class is for those with clay sculpting experience.

Participants must have a valid Fleisher membership. Please note that our tuition-free classes for adults fill very quickly. If you are considering purchasing a membership in order to register for a tuition-free class, please click “register” to check whether or not the class is full prior to your purchase.

What you will learn:

  • Further your understanding and development of the proportion, geometry, and planes of the figure, that you attained during previous basic figure courses

  • Model the form, with clay, in a manner that keeps the form open

  • Compose the forms of the figures and establish the hierarchy of the masses, while keeping the forms open

  • Establish the proportional distance between the figures from all points of view

  • Learn how to close the forms, once the major objectives of proportion, geometry, and planes, have been established

Required supplies:

  • Sculpture tools

  • A rag, and plastic bag to cover your sculpture

  • Your studio fee includes the use of recycled clay, which means this artwork will not be fired, as the recycled clay is not appropriate for firing. If you choose to use new clay, your lab fee will cover the firing of artwork but you will need to purchase the clay voucher at the front desk.