Vertical Roll: Exploring Video Art Histories

What is video art and how does it relate to other forms of art such as performance, painting, or sculpture? When and how did artists start working with video? What makes something a work of video art?

In these sessions we will explore information about video in relation to the history of contemporary art and studio practices. Together we will look at the practices of artists working in video as they relate to technological developments as well as social and political histories and various art movements of the twentieth century, before, and beyond. We will consider the craft of video – the methods and materials that artists working in video have taken up. We will also gain an introductory familiarity with the criticism and scholarship on video art in the United States.

In considering the technological resources that have been used to make video art works, we will also discuss the tools and methods available to us as art and media makers.

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What you will learn:

  • The history of video art in relationship to technological developments and social-political movements

  • Canonical works of video art

  • Video artists and their practices

  • About techniques and approaches taken by contemporary artists working in video and moving image