Watercolor Portraits

Explore the process of creating a portrait with expressive and versatile water-based mediums. Working from a live model each week, you will have plenty of time for practicing and experimenting with your own painting technique. Learn the anatomy of the skull, the proportions of a portrait as it relates to the face, torso, and hands, and how they relate to capturing lifelike portraits of the models. The instructor will provide plenty of demonstrations, individual feedback, and lead group discussions around each student’s work in progress.

Required supplies:

  • Watercolor set, drawing pencil set, watercolor pencil set or Caran d’ Ache crayons, watercolor tape, Watercolor paper pad, drawing pad or newsprint and erasers

  • A plastic palette, for mixing water and plastic cups or containers for water

  • Watercolor tape

  • Rulers

  • Optional: watercolor mediums such as ox gall, gum Arabic, etc.

    Midway through the semester students will need these supplies:
    • 18 by 24-inch watercolor paper or sheet.

  • Midway through the term: 18 by 24-inch watercolor paper or sheet