Woodcut Printmaking

Woodcut is among the oldest printmaking techniques, and continues to be a strong graphic tradition today. This workshop will introduce you to the tools and methods needed to allow you to carve and print from your own relief woodblocks. You will explore carving techniques to obtain a range of texture, depth, and dramatic contrast to create strong visual statements in your artwork. We will also study examples of the woodcut throughout history, allowing you to see the different possibilities of this expression.

What you will learn:

  • To identify the difference between the woodcut and other printmaking processes

  • To carve woodblocks safely using different techniques of mark making

  • To print your woodblocks by hand

  • To know the reasons for choosing wood and paper and the outcomes to expect

  • Gain a brief understanding of the history of the development of the woodcut

Required supplies:

  • Your lab fee provides for some supplies, and the use of studio materials. Students are required to purchase additional supplies.

  • Drawing materials: pencils, Sharpie markers, erasers

  • Carving tools, chisels and gouges. A limited number of shop carving tools can be used in studio, check with instructor for more information.

  • Midway through the term you will need Japanese paper to print editions