Woodcut (six-session online workshop)

Learn and explore one of the oldest and most accessible methods for creating an original printed image. In this course, I’ll guide you through the process of translating your idea from a sketch or photograph into a bold graphic image by making a woodcut.

The instructor will cover the selection, safe handling, and care of tools, paper, and wood; traditional and non-traditional carving techniques; methods for registering your paper; and how to ink your block and print by hand. This workshop is tailored for students with little to no experience making woodcuts, but all levels are welcome.

Required supplies:

  • Wood block – the instructor will cover types of wood during the first class

  • Wood cutting tools – the instructor will talk about the pros and cons of different brands of tools during the first class

  • Japanese paper

  • Wooden spoon or barren

  • Pencil

  • Ink – the instructor will discuss ink options during the first class

  • Brayer

  • Palette for rolling out ink

  • An idea!

  • If using oil-based inks, you’ll need vegetable oil and dish soap for cleaning up ink

  • Recommended supplies: tracing paper; transfer paper (carbon paper or handmade transfer paper)

  • Optional: bench hook; shellac; Sharpie or India ink for staining block