Ella King Torrey Young Artist Prize

The Ella King Torrey Young Artist Prize was created by Ella King’s mother, Ella Russell Torrey, in 2008 and celebrates Ella’s joy, excitement and commitment to artists by encouraging exceptional teenaged Fleisher students to further their exploration of the arts. An award of $1,000 is given to one young artist each year to support his or her continued development in the arts and increase exposure to opportunities in the arts.

An exhibition of work submitted by Fleisher’s young artists will be on view in the second-,third-, and fourth-floor hallway galleries Friday, April 20 through Friday, June 1. The prize winner will be announced at the Founder’s Award celebration on May 30.

Past Recipients

  • Amira Barnes

  • Madison Greiner

  • Adina Hill

  • Aigner LeMay

  • Raymond Rivera-Bovo

  • Zachary Schwemler

  • Brianna Tadeo

  • Teyin Tseng