Invest in Creativity, Strengthen Communities

Partner with Fleisher to champion free access and engagement with the arts in South Philadelphia and throughout the city. If your company has a match program or a charitable giving arm, provides event sponsorship, or participates in EITC, consider partnering with Fleisher.

Fleisher welcomes the opportunity for sponsoring signature events like the Founder’s Award, Día de los Muertos, and Print Love-In or supporting program offerings such the Young Artists Program or Teen Lounge.

Platinum sponsor: $25,000 and above
Gold sponsor: $10,000 – $24,999
Silver sponsor: $2,500 – $4,999
Bronze sponsor: $5,000 – $9,999

For more information, please contact Catherine Lee, Director of Development, at


Fleisher Art Memorial is considered an Educational Improvement Organization (EIO) under the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program.  

What is the EITC program? 

The EITC program allows eligible businesses or business owners authorized to operate in Pennsylvania to donate to support our work and receive state tax credits for their charitable contribution


  • For a one-year commitment, you will earn a state tax credit of 75% of your contribution. 
  • For two consecutive years, you will earn an increased state tax credit of 90% of your contribution if you agree to provide the same amount for those two consecutive years. 
  • The non-credited portion of the gift can be claimed as a charitable contribution for federal tax purposes. 
  • Businesses may request up to $750,000 in tax credits per year. 

Impact of your gift

Your gift through the EITC program is an easy way to support Fleisher’s award-winning Community Partnerships in the Arts (CPA) program, which has been operating for over 20 years. Every year, we reach nearly 2,000 K-12 students in Philadelphia’s public schools that are part of the CPA network and provide them with arts-integrated learning opportunities in their classrooms. We match qualified teaching artists to classrooms for 15-week residencies to boost academic learning in core subject areas (math, social studies, science, and language arts) and in recent years, introduced multilingual residencies to support English Language Learners.

Join more than 3,000 Pennsylvania businesses who are benefiting from the EITC program while supporting CPA’s arts-integrated learning in Philadelphia public schools. 

How do you know if your business is eligible?

Any Pennsylvania business other than a Sole Proprietorship is eligible. And, if you are a Pennsylvania business or business owner subject to one or more of the following taxes below, you are eligible to participate in the EITC program to offset the below:


  • Personal income tax 
  • Capital stock/foreign franchise tax 
  • Corporate net income tax 
  • Bank shares tax 
  • Title insurance & trust company shares tax 
  • Insurance premium tax (excluding unauthorized, domestic/foreign marine) 
  • Mutual thrift tax 
  • Malt beverage tax 
  • Surplus lines tax 

How can your company apply?

  • Pennsylvania businesses can apply for EITC credits through DCED’s electronic single application system. For more guidance, please refer to the business application guide. 
  • Once approved, your business will receive a tax credit approval letter from the State. 
  • Your business can make a gift to Fleisher Art Memorial within 60 days of receiving the tax credit approval letter. 
  • Fleisher Art Memorial receives your gift and your business provides proof of the gift to the State within 90 days of receiving the tax credit approval letter. 
  • File your business tax returns as your normally do.