Ella King Torrey Young Artist Award

Established by Ella Russell Torrey in honor of the contributions her daughter Ella King Torrey made to the community, the Young Artist Award supports the continued development of a young artist between the ages of 14 and 19. The Ella King Torrey Young Artist Award celebrates Ella’s joy, excitement and commitment to artists by encouraging exceptional teenage students at Fleisher.

Award recipients receive:

  • An award of $1,000 paid to the artist to support continued development in the arts and increased exposure to opportunities in the arts
  •  Recognition as Ella King Torrey Award recipient in Fleisher’s galleries with submitted artwork on view
  • Access to open studio time at Fleisher Art Memorial, to be structured based upon needs of student and available for a year following receipt of award
  • Opportunities to work with Fleisher staff on speaking and writing about exhibitions and their artwork


The Ella King Torrey Young Artist Award may be used for art supplies, books, transportation, tuition, class fees, museum memberships, youth conferences, exhibition-related costs, or related materials/activities that will enhance the applicant’s artistic development and/or ability to pursue education at an institution of higher learning. 


Applicants must: 

  • Currently be between the ages of 14 and 19 
  • Attend/have attended one or more arts education programs held at Fleisher Art Memorial, or a Fleisher Community Partnerships in the Arts site in the last two years 
  • Submit a completed application form 
  • Request a nomination from a member of Fleisher’s staff or teaching faculty; in the case of a Community Partnership, please provide name of instructor 

Award Criteria

  • Artistic ability and potential  
  • Clear articulation of future artistic goals and use of funds in the application  
  • Faculty/staff nomination  
  • Demonstrated commitment to Fleisher

Dates to Remember:

Saturday, May 25: Info Session at Fleisher (11 am–3 pm)

Wednesday, July 31: Application Deadline (all materials due to Fleisher by 3 pm)

Monday, August 9: Ella King Torrey Exhibition Opens

Friday, September 13: Closing Reception and Ella KIng Torrey Award Ceremony

Past Recipients

  • Marcy Fiorentino

  • Miles Hyatt-Long

  • Elliot Turner

  • Amira Barnes

  • Madison Greiner

  • Adina Hill

  • Aigner LeMay

  • Raymond Rivera-Bovo

  • Charlotte Rohland

  • Zachary Schwemler

  • Brianna Tadeo

  • Teyin Tseng

  • Edwin Vasquez