Mark your calendars on October 15, 2022 for a fall celebration in honor of community activist, journalist, and former Fleisher Board member Leticia Roa Nixon.

A Mexico City native, Leticia immigrated to the U.S. in 1985 and has been in Philadelphia for over three decades. During this time, she has documented and shed light on the experiences and stories of the diverse Latinx community across Philadelphia, serving as a tireless advocate for her community. At Fleisher, Leticia has also served on La Calaca Flaca, the committee responsible for organizing and presenting the annual Día de los Muertos procession and celebration.

In honor of Leticia’s dedication to uplifting Philadelphia’s Latinx community, bringing forth their stories through her activism and journalism, and her artistic practice at Fleisher, she will receive the Founder’s Award as part of a month-long celebration in tandem with the tenth anniversary of our Día de los Muertos festival. 

Tickets are on sale now! Link in bio.

📷: Leticia Roa Nixon and other community members participating in Día de los Muertos festivities at Fleisher Art Memorial. Photo by Justin Mayer on assignment for Colibri Workshop.

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The first of our virtual presentation series, Found in Translation: Native Contemporary Art & Potawatomi Identity with Jason Wesaw, is coming up on September 7th! 

Jason Wesaw (Potawatomi) is a visual artist from southern Michigan whose minimalist works feature pattern-making, bold colors, and appliqued ornamentation. His themes include the cyclical movements of Mother Earth. Wesaw also works as a peacemaker in his tribal community.

In three presentations for the Found in Translation Series, Wesaw will offer an artist talk and slide show about his fine-art work as well as his peacemaking work, an oil-pastel drawing workshop, and a discussion about the importance of cultural teachings and Native identity. Registration is free and includes admission to all three Zoom sessions.

Found in Translation is a free series of art history and critical theory workshops organized by Fleisher in partnership with several cultural institutions throughout Philadelphia. The series specifically focuses on centering BIPOC and Queer voices, reflecting a more inclusive view of the communities we work with.

Register at the link in bio.

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Calling all Philly folks who are interested in trying their hand at comics! Learn the basics of comics from writing, sketching, and character development to basic visual storytelling techniques this fall in our Comic Books: Getting Started class, taught by Pat Aulisio. 

In this class, you will compose a short 6 to 12-page story, and learn how to format your comic book for final printing. Discover different drawing and inking techniques, along with a cursory history lesson in many genres of comics. Walk away with a better understanding of one of the most versatile narrative mediums, along with some great drawings!

Class starts on September 15! Link in bio to register. 

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Interested in the art of portrait photography? We have the perfect class for you coming up this fall! 

In Portrait Photography, students will be asked to examine portraiture and the relationship between the photographer and the subject. Throughout the five-week course, students will look at historical and contemporary portraiture photographers, learn how to think critically about portraiture photography and learn how to take compelling portraits. Students will be required to produce imagery outside of class in addition to in-class assignments. The class will collectively analyze and discuss the student imagery weekly, providing guidance and constructive feedback for the work to improve and grow. Students can expect to walk away with the skills to hone in on their intuition to create expressive portraits.

Link in bio to register!

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Interested in expanding your collage skills? We have the perfect class for you coming up this fall!

Collage and The Moving Image will explore an animation technique utilized and developed by visual artist, Yannick Lowery. Lowery will share and demonstrate his technique for creating moving images utilizing traditional analog collage techniques and electronically generated image sequences. Additionally, Lowery will provide guidance and insight into his practice and encourage students to develop their own animation techniques within the framework of the course. Classes will typically start with a demonstration and or discussion. Students will utilize the remaining time in class to illustrate the concepts and techniques discussed.

Tuesdays, 6:30pm - 9:30pm from October 11 - November 15! Link in bio for full class listing. Registration is still open!

Artwork by Yannick Lowery.

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And just like that, Summer term has come to an end! Our hours are changing as we prepare for Fall term. Our building will now be open Monday – Friday: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Hours will change again at the start of Fall term on Saturday, September 10th.

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Join us for the opening reception of Diálogo 365: New Rhizomes on August 12 at 6pm!

In collaboration with Casa de Venezuela, Fleisher presents Diálogo 365: New Rhizomes. This exhibit asked nineteen emerging and established Latinx artists to unpack the interpretations and possibilities of placemaking in our current state of uncertainty.

Diálogo 365: New Rhizomes will be on view in our gallery from August 12 through September 9, and is co-curated by Diálogo 365 founder Andreina Castillo and Gerard Silva, Director of Exhibitions and Community Outreach at Fleisher. Diálogo 365: New Rhizomes is part of 360 Culture Lab, a project supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage

Artwork: Henry Bermudez, Untitled, 2022, Mixed Media, 12’ x 8’

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It's Fleisher Friday! Today we are pleased to introduce Suzanne L. Seesman, Adult Education Associate. Suzanne L. Seesman (she/her) is an artist and arts worker based in Philadelphia, interested in the material and affective aspects of knowledge production. Her artistic and professional practices are shaped by her experiences working in education, cooperative organizing, and the service industry. Her recent work considers representations of time and cosmology in and children’s media in relationship to the demands of administrative labor. 

Suzanne holds a BFA in Sculpture and Expanded Practices from Ohio University and an MFA in Sculpture from Tyler School of art. As an educator she  has worked with artists of all ages in a wide range of setting and is excited to step into her role as Adult Programs Associate here at Fleisher.

Favorite movie: So hard to choose one! Can it be a tie between Lizzie Borden “Born in Flames” and Errol Morris’ Fast Cheep & Out of Control

Favorite medium: Sculpture! Which is kind of cheating because it is an expansive medium- includes so much. 😉

Fun fact: hmmm…. As a 13 year old, I played Lady Macbeth and got to perform on the stage at the Folger Theater in DC.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in all that you do! We are so lucky have you.

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One week until the musical and dance performance Di Hati-Ku (From the Heart)! Presented by Fleisher Art Memorial and Modero, Di Hati-Ku (From the Heart) is a unique and original production, which tells a story about Kartini, a first-generation Indonesian immigrant who takes her granddaughter on a journey to Indonesia.

Di Hati-Ku is written by Sinta Penyami Storms and Detty Kastubi Aziz, with Storm also directing this original theater production with a cast that includes members from Philadelphia’s Indonesian community as well as visiting artists from Indonesia. The show will also feature original music by Profound Music & Saykoji.

Link in bio for ticketing info.

360 Culture Lab is supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.

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