To ensure that Fleisher’s programs remain as affordable as possible, we offer tuition assistance each term so that everyone can join our creative community. Tuition assistance is available to anyone who needs it and no documentation is required. Current forms are included below.

Day Off Camps

Tuition assistance applications for Day Off Camps are available below. Forms are accepted on a rolling basis.

Adult Spring Term

Please note: the deadline to apply for spring term tuition assistance was March 8. Tuition Assistance for adult summer term opens on May 6.

Summer Camp

Please note: the deadline to apply for Summer Camp tuition assistance was March 8.

Questions? Please see our tuition assistance policies below or contact

Tuition Assistance Policies

  • Fleisher reserves the right to award Tuition Assistance at its discretion. 

  • If you are applying for tuition assistance, you do not need to enroll online. The Tuition Assistance application will be your registration form.

  • For adult students, tuition assistance is limited to one class per student per term. However, we request that you enter three course choices in case we cannot provide you with assistance for a particular class.

  • For summer camp students ages 5-12, tuition assistance is limited to one week of full-day sessions each summer. Students ages 13-18 can apply for one two-week session, which can include morning or afternoon (half-day) sessions, or both for a full-day schedule. We request that all families select two options in case we cannot provide you with assistance for a particular week. 

  • Tuition Assistance only covers class tuition. Applicants are expected to pay any related material, studio, or model fees. Do not pay any fees until you have been contacted about TA acceptance.

  • Students with an open balance on their account are not eligible for Tuition Assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the studio and/or model fees associated with a Fleisher class? 

    Studio and model fees for each tuition-bearing class are listed on the back of each tuition assistance application and available on our website.

  • If I’m requesting tuition assistance for a class, do I still need to register? 

    If you apply for tuition assistance, your form serves as your registration form. Please do not register online, as tuition assistance cannot be awarded retroactively. If you pay out-of-pocket for a class, your request for assistance for that class will be voided.

  • Is tuition assistance available for youth programs at Fleisher? 

    Tuition assistance can be used for any tuition-bearing adult or youth program. Since our Saturday Young Artists Program is low-cost, tuition assistance can only be applied to our summer camps. There is a separate form for youth summer tuition assistance that becomes available when registration opens for the summer.

  • What happens after I submit my tuition assistance form? 

    Once we process your form, you’ll receive an email confirmation that we have received your form. If you do not receive a confirmation within ten days of the time we received your form, please feel free to contact us to make sure your form has been processed.

    Applications are considered and approved on a rolling basis. If you are approved for assistance, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to your account to see your registration and pay your balance. You must pay your balance by the payment deadline or your application will be canceled and you will be withdrawn from class. If you are unable to make the payment, please contact us to see if arrangements can be made.

  • What if my schedule changes and I can no longer take a class? 

    If you are not able to make any of the classes you listed on your form, or no longer wish to take a class at Fleisher, you may withdraw your application by emailing

  • Why was my request for tuition assistance waitlisted? 

    Generally, a request is waitlisted because there are no more funds available. In other cases, the class you selected is no longer available. If this is not the case, there might be an open balance on your account from a previous term which must be addressed. Please contact us for more information.

    If you have any questions about tuition assistance, please contact