Community Safety Policies

Amidst ongoing concerns about COVID-19, Fleisher reassesses its safety policies on a rolling basis.


As of March 17, 2023, masks are strongly encouraged but no longer required. Disposable masks are available at the front desk.

COVID-19 Testing/Vaccines

If you receive a positive COVID-19 test, please follow current CDC guidelines for quarantining.

If Fleisher staff or faculty members have been exposed to COVID-19, they must test, isolate, and wear a high-quality mask until they are sure of their status. If Fleisher staff or faculty test positive for COVID-19, they must stay home for at least 5 days, isolate from others, and continue masking until day 10.

Fleisher’s care for its community members is at the heart of these policies for staff. Accordingly, Fleisher asks that all students and program participants engage in the same level of care for each other. All students are encouraged to mask and support masking in the classroom when asked, to understand and abide by CDC guidelines, and to keep safety for all top of mind in their decision-making. While Fleisher staff and faculty will not collect or distribute student healthcare information, we trust that students will exercise good judgment and empathy for their colleagues in the classroom.

We encourage COVID-19 vaccinations to enter our buildings.

Hand Hygiene

Hand sanitizer is available throughout Fleisher’s buildings, including at the front desk.