Celebrate Fleisher: The Founder's Award

Honoring Marsha Moss

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Please save Wednesday, June 7, as Fleisher supporters, faculty, students, and friends will present public art curator and consultant Marsha Moss with the 28th annual Founder’s Award.

The Founder’s Award recognizes Marsha Moss, whose commitment to providing access to the arts, promoting excellence in creative expression, and enriching Philadelphia’s cultural resources reflect the values of our founder, Samuel S Fleisher.

The celebration is Fleisher’s most significant fundraiser, and your support will further Fleisher’s mission to make art accessible to everyone, regardless of economic means, background, or artistic experience. Founded in 1898, Fleisher is one of the country’s oldest nonprofit community art schools and is committed to advancing the vision of our founder, Samuel S. Fleisher, who believed that art is one of society’s greatest assets and equalizers. Today, Fleisher is a source of inspiration, creativity and community. Every year, more than 17,000 people experience the transformative power of art by participating in Fleisher’s classes, workshops, exhibitions, and community-based programs.

About Marsha Moss

Fleisher celebrates Marsha Moss’ contributions to the field of public art with the 2017 Founder’s Award. Marsha believes that the presence of public art elevates the soul of our city, energizes its economy and enhances the quality of its public life.

As Director of Sculpture Outdoors, Marsha curated over fifty exhibitions on public and alternative sites, in Philadelphia and across the country. During her tenure as President of the Cheltenham Center for the Arts, she accompanied an exhibition to China.

As a member of the Mayor’s Cultural Advisory Council, Marsha founded The Artfront Partnership, an innovative venture that commissions artists to transform dark empty storefronts into illuminated dynamic Artfronts.

Because Marsha is recognized as an ardent advocate for artists, she is often invited to serve on boards and committees of our city’s arts and culture organizations.

Throughout her professional life, Marsha has sought to combine the vision of an artist with public purpose by advancing major permanent commissions at medical and corporate centers, transit stations, universities and in Percent-for-Art projects. She has reminded us that when art is alive and engaged in these public places, both the human experience and the physical environment are enriched.

Founder's Award Committee

  • Diane Burko, Honorary Co-chair

  • John Wind, Honorary Co-chair

  • Margery Amdur

  • Suzanne Sheehan Becker

  • Jolley Bruce Christman

  • Karin Copeland

  • Karen B. Davis

  • Susan Miller Davis

  • Melissa Greenberg

  • Greta Greenberger

  • Libby S. Harwitz

  • Hilary Jay

  • Kathleen Karlyn

  • Leslie Kaufman

  • Gabriele Lee

  • Karen A. Melikian

  • Suzanne Reese Horvitz

  • Jill Sablosky

  • Carol Saline

  • Marla Soffer

  • Judith Tannenbaum

  • Robert Woodward

  • Rachel Zimmerman

Past Founder's Award Recipients

  • Dr. Dennis W. Creedon, 2016

  • Louise Clement-Hoff, 2015

  • Helen Cunningham & Ted Newbold, 2014

  • Dina & Jerry Wind, 2013

  • Jill & Sheldon Bonovitz, 2012

  • Al West & Paige West, 2011

  • Carole Haas Gravagno, 2010

  • Louis Massiah, Pepón Osorio, & Lily Yeh, 2009

  • Peggy Amsterdam & Karen Davis, 2008

  • Anne d’Harnoncourt, 2007

  • James Nelson Kise, James Bennett Straw, & David A. Schultz, 2006

  • Frank & Betty Louchheim, 2005

  • Suzanne Fleisher Roberts, 2004

  • Dr. Luther W. Brady, Jr., 2003

  • Thora Jacobson, 2002

  • Happy Fernandez, 2001

  • Linda Lee Alter, 2000

  • Hon. Edward G. Rendell, 1999

  • Marian Locks, 1998

  • Joseph Rishel, 1997

  • Dorothy R. B. Manou & Melinda Whiting, 1996

  • Ella King Torrey, 1995

  • Helen W. Drutt English, 1994

  • Edna Andrade & William Parshall, 1993

  • Penny Balkin Bach & Jody Pinto, 1992

  • Judith Tannenbaum, 1991

  • Frank Gasparro, 1990