Studio Technician & ColorWheels Site Coordinator
Chris Archer (he/him)
ext. 331

Visitor Services Assistant
Ira Buenaventura (they/them)

Donor Relations Manager
Caroline Charuk (she/they)
ext. 360

Custodian & Studio Technician
Scott Cooper (he/him)

Community Outreach Coordinator
Karla Cortes (she/her)
ext. 322

Director of Education
Caitlin Deutsch (she/her)
ext. 312

Development Associate
Bailey Dodds (she/her)
ext. 355

Youth Programs Associate
Layla Ehsan (she/they)

Media and Communications Manager
Hanna Finchler (she/her)
ext. 318

Visitor Services Assistant
Hanzi (they/them)

Business Manager
Geoff Hindle (he/him)
ext. 349

Facilities Administrator
Tom Karu (he/him)

Education Coordinator
Tessa Kennamer (she/her)
ext. 327

Director of Development
Catherine Lee (she/her)

QVS Fellow, Exhibitions and Community Outreach
Sophie Loring (they/them)

Custodian & Studio Technician
Alex McGady (he/they)

Interim Executive Director
Rebecca O’Leary (she/her)
ext. 317

Visitor Services Assistant
Alex Perez (he/him)

Visitor Services Assistant
Chip Schwartz (he/him)

Adult Education Associate
Suzanne L. Seesman (she/her)
ext. 324

Director of Exhibitions and Community Outreach
Gerard Silva (he/him)

Director of Communications
Erin Sweeny (she/her)
ext. 350

Manager of Children and Youth Education
Rebecca Tennenbaum
ext. 348

Ellie Tomlinson (she/her)
ext. 328

Manager of Community Partnerships in Arts Education
Manny Vasquez (he/him)
ext. 310

Human Resources Generalist
Garrett Lee Williams (he/him)
ext. 320