Visitor Services Assistant
Amira Barnes

Manager of Events
Brogan Austin
ext. 318

Executive & Development Assistant
Bailey Dodds
ext. 355

Visitor Services Assistant
Chip Schwartz

Studio Technician and ColorWheels Site Coordinator
Chris Archer
ext. 331

Communications Director
Dominic Mercier
ext. 302

Executive Director
Elizabeth Grimaldi
ext. 317

Exhibitions and Special Projects Manager
Gerard Silva
ext. 323

Business Manager
Geoff Hindle
ext. 349

Facilities Manager
Grisha Zeitlin
ext. 319

Director of Development
Jamie Hughes
ext. 350

Visitor Services Assistant
Juan Tang Hon

Teen Lounge Coordinator
Layla Ehsan

Donor Engagement Officer
Leah Gelb
ext. 326

Associate Director of Youth and Family Programming
Ro Adler
ext. 348

Scott Cooper

Associate Director of Adult Education
Vita Litvak
ext. 312