Laura Lyn Stern

Artist Statement:

I create unique custom large scale mosaic installations that integrate ideas envisioned by clients coupled with my aesthetic sensibilities. My strengths as an artist include having an innate sensitivity towards understanding what compliments those unrealized ideas while enhancing the installation site and fulfilling functional requirements.

Personalizing each design, creating a unique interpretation or representation of the client’s “seed” ideas is what I love most about the creative process. I have always relished solving technical issues and am quite proficient in working with clay, glass and mixed media. I find the alchemy involved with firing glazes,casting glass or working with bronze fascinating and consuming. Despite the mechanics involved in creating with those materials, making the results appear natural and effortless is my achieved goal.

Much of the imagery I use in my artwork encompasses themes related to the natural world. Using nature as an inspiration, source and metaphor is often a desired direction. Incorporating decorative and abstracted design elements allows for fluidity of interpretation, bringing the viewer into the piece, making it a more personal experience.

In my work, incorporating texture, variety of materials and elements of surprise are always present. My pieces are beautiful, accessible and appropriately designed for their sites. A common comment I hear is that my pieces “look as though they naturally belong (in the space)” … a compliment I take as a job successfully accomplished!