Phoebe Murer

Phoebe Murer is an artist, and writer born and raised in Philadelphia. She received her Certificate of Fine Arts at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Painting; a bachelors in Psychology/ Pre-Art Therapy and a Masters in English/Creative Writing from Arcadia University. She has assisted in and led art activities at many schools and centers. She likes to incorperate her creative writing skills with her art. Phoebe shows her art regularly at different coops and cafes and has won various awards for her art including the 2012 INAP award for visual arts and a Mayor’s Award in Vancouver.

She is a mixed media artist who does 2D and small 3D mixed media pieces, photography, drawing, printmaking and oil painting on a variety of interests, whether it’s dreamlike swimming pools, pets, dark themes involving illness and social problems, or entertainment themes. She travels all over the world and takes photos of the most surreal looking pools and water parks to paint from and landscape paint at. She has had a life long love for bodies of water.

In addition she writes plays, skits, poetry, short stories and books. She got a book self-published, “Lab Animal Plays” in 2013. She designed her own book cover. Her inspirations are David Hockney, Salvador Dali, and Edvard Munch for Visual Artists, and for literature, writers who are trauma survivors or have some sort of disability.