Meet our FAMbassadors

Lanica Angpak and Carlos Pascual Sanchez are Fleisher’s grassroots community advisors known as FAMbassadors. Fleisher’s version of neighborhood organizers, but with an arts engagement focus, they help helping Fleisher develop new approaches to our outreach efforts through their personal approaches.

Carlos Pascual Sanchez

A proud resident of South Philadelphia Carlos’ volunteerism includes working with groups like Casa Monarca, Casa de los Soles, Juntos, and the Media Mobilizing Project. For Carlos, art is a way to further connect and document the experiences of immigrant communities that are integral to Fleisher—our past, present and future.

Lanica Angpak

Lanica has been part of the Fleisher family since she could walk, quite literally, as a toddler student in our Classical Cambodian Dance class. Years later, she’s now leading her own troupes while studying sociology at the Community College of Philadelphia and volunteering with the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia and the Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Association. As a FAMbassador, she hopes to help other Southeast Asians in the area make a lifetime Fleisher connection.