In the Saturday Young Artists Program, Fleisher offers low-cost classes for young people ages five to 18 designed to develop artistic skills, foster engagement with the arts, encourage self-expression, and build confidence as a creative person. Over 100 classes in a range of media are offered throughout the year, allowing children and youth to experience hands-on art-making in a supportive and enriching environment. Additionally, Fleisher offers low-cost classes for parents of children enrolled in the program.

Lottery Information

New students must enter the lottery to be considered for a slot in our Saturday Young Artists Program. Once current program participants have registered for an upcoming term, new students are randomly selected. Lottery applications are grouped by grade.

Questions about the lottery process or status of your application? Email

Key Registration and Term Dates

Registration (for enrolled families)

  • November 6 to November 13

Lottery Application Deadline (for new families)

  • November 15

Winter Term

  • January 8 to March 12

COVID-19 Safety

We have put a number of safety measures in place to ensure that our young artists can participate. Visit the website for Fleisher’s updated COVID guidelines. Major items to note are that all students, faculty, and staff at Fleisher are required to wear masks, all staff and faculty are vaccinated, classes are reduced in size to allow for social distancing, and all students and visitors over the age of 18 are required to be vaccinated in order to enter our building.

Program Information

The program is offered during the fall, winter, and spring terms. Because of its popularity, admission to the program is by lottery only.

Fleisher’s classes are designed to be age-appropriate. Children must be at least 5 years old before the beginning of the term for which they are registered. Parents or guardians of five-year-olds must present proof of their child’s age at registration.

Beginning in fall 2019, students will no longer be required to purchase a membership to participate. Instead, the cost of membership and studio fees will be merged into a streamlined $50 program fee. We recognize that many young artists and their families have active memberships, and we will continue to honor the benefits of those memberships until they expire. Youth and households with active memberships will only need to pay a program fee of $30.

  • Painting and Drawing
    Young People develop creative thinking processes while exploring a variety of drawing and painting techniques. Formal elements of color and design are introduced at age-appropriate levels.

  • Mixed Media
    Students explore contemporary techniques and materials to create three-dimensional and two-dimensional pieces combining painting, drawing and sculpture. Formal elements of color and design are introduced at age appropriate levels.

  • Fiber Arts
    In this workshop, children will be introduced to a variety of fiber arts techniques for making decorative art and functional. Each semester will explore different fiber media which may include felting, stitching, weaving, printing on fabric, and even toy-making.

  • Sculpture
    Three-dimensional work allows young artists to expand their understanding of artistic concepts and techniques primarily focused work with clay construction. Young people will learn coil construction, hand building, relief and glazing.

  • Printmaking
    Drawing skills are expanded and developed through intaglio and relief printmaking techniques of collograph, etching, monotype, linoleum, and woodcut.

  • Art Foundations
    Art Foundations provides teens with basic skills needed for advanced classes. Focusing on the elements of art and design, drawing skills, use of line value, contrast, form, volume, perspective and composition will be developed through observed drawing.

  • Silkscreen
    In this introduction to screen printing, students will learn both photo and hand drawn methods of silkscreen printing. Young artists will have the opportunity to transfer their artwork into a series of t-shirts or paper.

  • Darkroom Photography
    Students will develop their photographic eye, and make images that tell stories while capturing their own point of view. Young artists will learn how to use a camera, how to load, shoot, and develop film, and how to create and develop prints in the darkroom.

  • Cambodian Dance
    This class teaches the ancient dance forms once practiced exclusively for the royal court of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Court dance teaches the ancient stories of gods, demons, and heroes, and the symbolic meaning of gestures, costumes, and masks. The class requires stretching and exercises in breathing and balance. Class is conducted both in English and Khmer. There is no lab fee for Cambodian Dance.

Saturday Classes for Parents

  • Low-cost classes allow parents and guardians to explore their creative potential while their child is taking classes in the tuition-free Saturday program. Parent classes are offered on Saturdays during fall, winter, and spring terms on the same dates and at the same time as their child’s class. Mediums covered include screenprinting, oil painting, jewelry, and more.

  • Cambodian Dance
    Parents are welcome to join their children and learn traditional Cambodian court dances, which teach the ancient stories of gods, demons, and heroes, and the symbolic meaning of gestures, costumes, and masks. The class requires stretching and exercises in breathing and balance. Class is conducted both in English and Khmer. There are no tuition or studio fees for Cambodian Dance for parents.

  • Screenprint Basics
    Screen-printing is an easy and versatile print technique for quickly making multiples for craft or fine art. You will learn hand-drawn and photo stencil processes, how to mix ink colors, how to break down an image into stencil layers, and how to pull a clean print on paper or t-shirts. By the end of the semester you should be able to take home a multi-colored edition to be proud of.

The Saturday Young Artist Program is Supported in Part By:

  • The Robert Lehman Foundation
  • Kinder Morgan Foundation