Congrats to the Annual Student Exhibition Award Winners

The closing reception and prize ceremony for the 121st Annual Adult Student Exhibition on Friday, March 24, was a lively affair, celebrating the vibrant work created by Fleisher’s adult students. In addition to providing one last look at the show, a bevy of cash prizes were presented for achievement in a number of mediums, including fiber arts, drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, and photography. Below is the list of this year’s award winners.

First place – Tom McCloskey
Second place – Bobbie Adams
Third place – Jean Kristie

Francis McCarthy Drawing Award
Benjamin Kantor

Works on Paper
First place – Judith Goto
Second place – Naomi Haus-Roth
Third place – Annette Bushman
Honorable mention – Sarah Hicks

Still Life, Landscape, and Figure Painting
First place – Kathryn McGinty
Second place – Dolores A. Lombardi
Third place – Teresa Mae
Honorable mention – Jessica Subramanya
Honorable mention – Nancy Lewis Shell

Abstract Painting
First place – Susan Shipley
Second place – Nancy Gordon
Third place – Alessandra Stradella

First place – Steven Shipon
Second place – Jennifer Carlson
Third place – Patricia Caughey

First place – Len Barag
Second place – Diane Pastor
Third place – Philip Maynard

Fiber Arts & Crafts
First place – Colleen Jones Kamish
Second place – Claire Coslop
Third place – Angela Martello
Honorable mention – Erasto Perez

First place – Susan Stromquist
Second place – Kit Aster
Third place – Jamie Biondi
Honorable mention – Mike Romeo

First place – Jean Solar
Second place – Corin Belloma
Third place – Gene Renzi

Eric J. Dougherty Memorial Award
Eddie Goldstein

Student Advisory Council Award
Phoebe Murer
Honorable mention – Kylie Tsai

Pictured: “Diner,” by Judith Goto.

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