Gerard Silva is Fleisher’s New Exhibitions Manager

Gerard Silva, an artist and Fleisher faculty member, joined Fleisher’s staff as exhibitions and special projects manager July 8. He has been a member of Fleisher’s community for nearly a decade, leading workshops with students enrolled in Teen Lounge and printmaking classes in Fleisher’s art education programs for adults, among others. Previously, he was an art director for NW Ayer in New York, an assistant preparator at the Tucson Museum of Art, and an interior designer and sales associate for Design Within Reach in Philadelphia.

As the manager of Fleisher’s exhibition program and galleries, Gerard will oversee the venerable Wind Challenge Exhibition Series, which, since 1978, has highlighted more than 300 Philadelphia-area contemporary artists, as well as exhibitions the focus on the work of Fleisher’s students and faculty. In addition to his technical expertise, Silva will also be a key figure in engaging the communities and broadening Fleisher’s mission of access to the arts through special initiatives such as the annual Dia de los Muertos celebration and Bring Your Own Project.

“As an artist and longtime faculty member, I have a deep understanding of Fleisher’s mission, but I am also keenly aware of the need to grow and adapt,” Gerard says. “My experience as an artist with different cultural viewpoints allows me to understand the needs and the objectives of not only students but also of the diverse communities surrounding Fleisher.”

“Gerard has long been a cherished presence at Fleisher, and we are thrilled that he has joined us in a fulltime capacity. His intrinsic knowledge of Fleisher has allowed him to seamlessly step into the role,” says Programs Director Rob Buscher. “Beyond his considerable artistic merits and wealth of knowledge, Gerard has participated in nearly every programmatic aspect at Fleisher making him uniquely qualified to catalyze the interaction of our exhibitions and instructional programs.”

Gerard holds a B.S. in studio art and advertising from Syracuse University and an associates degree in photography from the Pima Community College in Tucson. He has been a member of Fleisher’s student advisory council, DaVinci Art Alliance’s board, and the Bella Vista Neighborhood Association.

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