Prizes Awarded, Artists Celebrated at Exhibition Closing

We had a blast at the closing reception and prize ceremony for the 120th Annual Adult Student Exhibition on Friday, March 23. In addition to providing one last look at the show, a bevy of cash prizes were presented for achievement in a number of mediums, including fiber arts, drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, and photography. See below for a full list of prize winners or see and share an album of photos from the evening.

First place – Nancy Gordon
Second place – Karin Payne
Third place – Noelle Saldana
Honorable mention – Queenie Lee
Honorable mention – Allan B. Hunter

Francis McCarthy Drawing Award
Valerie Yoder

Works on Paper
First place – Nancy Lewis Shell
Second place – Ann Fuchs
Third place – Karoline Adler
Honorable mention – Tony Junker
Honorable mention – Liz Abrams-Morley

Still Life, Landscape, and Figure Painting
First place – Dolores Lombardi
Second place – Bethany Welch
Third place – Chen Zhou
Honorable mention – Devinder Soin
Honorable mention – Don Thomases

Abstract Painting
First place – Peter Chance
Second place – Colleen Brand
Third place – Lori Banks
Honorable mention – Kathy Lieb
Honorable mention – Rebecca Ledbetter

First place – Ivan Krevolin
Second place – Cynthia Bayer
Third place – Martha Aleo
Honorable mention – Kay Healy
Honorable mention – Patricia Caughey

First place – Jennifer Carlson
Second place – Gene Dougherty
Third place – Carole Aperbaugh
Honorable mention – Ed Kent
Honorable mention – Philip Maynard

Fiber Arts & Crafts
First place – Hal Blum
Second place – Kathleen Formica
Third place – Hope Victor
Honorable mention – Nellie Lail
Honorable mention – Carol Tinkleman

First place – Susan Stromquist
Second place – Michael Romeo
Third place – Daniel de Jesús
Honorable mention – Noelle Egan
Honorable mention – Mary Pat Coyle

First place – Emad Hassan
Second place – Chris Maj
Third place – Eddie Goldstein
Honorable mention – Susan Gordon
Honorable mention – Eloise Bocella

Eric J. Dougherty Award
Andrew Tershakovec

Student Advisory Council Award
Wayne Cambern

All photographs by Gustavo Garcia. 

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