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Art of the Darkroom Print at Da Vinci Art Alliance

Da Vinci Art Alliance – DVAA is proud to work in coordination with Fleisher Art Memorial to host “Art of the Darkroom Print,” a group exhibition in DVAA’s Gallery 1 of photos by Rick Wright and 14 students in his Darkroom: Art of the Fine Print class at Fleisher.

“We few, we happy few,” invite you to the Photo Resistance as the Da Vinci Art Alliance opens its “Art of the Darkroom Print” exhibit. Come marvel at “old world” film-based darkroom photography and see just how strikingly “the other half” prints. Analog photography is alive and thriving, and you’ll experience some of the finest black & white photography being made in Philadelphia. The work comes courtesy of Wright’s class, which has been running continuously at Fleisher for a decade.

Fourteen talented artists, and their instructor, will display the tactile beauty of their luscious, hand-crafted, hand-toned silver gelatin prints January 12-26. Please check the hours of the exhibition at davinciartalliance.org. Meet the artists at a reception on Wednesday, January 23, from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Our happy band of digital resistors all work in their own unique ways, exploring film photography with an array of manual cameras: pinhole boxes, twin-lens reflexes, Dianas & Holgas, tiny rangefinders, 8” x 10” view cameras, and tried and true 35mm SLRs. After the negatives are captured and developed, the signature printing variations begin with: lith chemistry, proof positives, contact prints, sepia and selenium toning, fine art papers, warm and cool papers, ad infinitum.

Fleisher’s rollicking crew labors throughout the year (every Tuesday night): dodging & burning, split filtering, toning & bleaching, and diving into the fun of it all. Film is a wonderful physical medium; come see for yourself in this rare opportunity. Pictured artwork courtesy of Scott McClellan.

Amanda Abramson
Kevin Brown
Paula Brumbelow Burns
David Cade
Carlos Chan
Dominique Ellis
Edoarda Frangi
Eddie Goldstein
Peggi Pugh Gottlieb
Jeff Hofer
Ed Keer
Scott McClellan
Gene Renzi
Andrew Tershakovec
Rick Wright