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DEAR ARLEEN: Celebrating ARTZ @ Fleisher

Come celebrate with us and learn more about a new partnership between ARTZ Philadelphia and Fleisher, now entering its first full year of programs. Learn about how Fleisher and ARTZ are collaborating to enhance the quality of life of people living with dementia and those they love, celebrate Arleen Weinstein and enjoy a performance by The Philadelphia Women’s Slavic Ensemble.

Why are we dedicating this event to Arleen?

In December 2014, Fred and Arleen Weinstein attended their first ARTZ @ The Museum program. They were a wonderful couple – gregarious, full of good humor and insights. Arleen had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease four years earlier, but her lifelong love of art was evident from the outset. Fred and Arleen became ARTZ @ The Museum regulars and hardly missed a session. When Arleen moved into a care community, ARTZ stay connected with her and Fred, providing programming to the memory care floor where she had taken up residence. And so Arleen became the first ARTZ participant to transition from living at home to living in a long term care setting. She became the first participant to demonstrate that no matter how long her illness continued or where she lived, Arleen remained clearly and without a doubt … Arleen.

Arleen’s combined role of art-lover, insightful viewer, and generous facilitator for others is honored in a new partnership program that we piloted last year at Fleisher. ARTZ @ Fleisher, funded by the Arleen Weinstein Fund for Creative Aging, is a celebration of all that Arleen brought to our community, generously sponsored by her loving husband, fellow art-lover, and fellow ARTZ Philadelphia program participant.