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What Happens Next? | Torn Paper Collages with Mike Storm

What happens when you use glue to attach paper to another surface? 


In this project, young artists will use their fine motor skills to tear sheets of construction paper into smaller pieces, and attach them to a cardboard shape using glue to create a paper collage. This project introduces the concept of “process over product” and gives young artist the chance to explore cause-and-effect, tearing, grasping, and gluing.


In this series of six outdoor workshops, young children and their families will explore new textures, colors, and sensations with the help of professional teaching artists. Each workshop centers on a single simple artistic process: mural painting, torn paper collaging, or relief printing. Participants will also receive art kits with materials and recipes to bring the creativity home! All events and materials are FREE. Advance registration NOT required.


En esta serie de seis talleres al aire libre, los niños y sus familias explorarán nuevos colores, texturas y sensaciones, con la colaboración de artistas profesionales. Cada taller se enfoca en un solo proceso artístico sencillo: pintar murales, hacer collages con trozos de papel, o estampar. ¡Los participantes también recibirán kits de arte con materiales e instrucciones para seguir desarrollando la creatividad en el hogar! Todos los eventos y materiales son gratuitos. No se exige inscripción previa.


See the full list of workshop dates and locations here. This slate of workshops is geared especially towards families who speak English, Khmer, or Spanish at home.


In the event of rain, this workshop will take place on Wednesday, July 28 from 10am – 12pm.