Rental event frequently asked questions

  • Who should I contact for a rental or tour?

    For rental and event inquiries, please e-mail

  • How should I pay my rental fee?

    The client agrees to pay Fleisher the rental fee in the amount, and on the date set forth in the contract. Payment can be made by credit card. A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required upon signing of the event contract. The balance is due the week of the event.

  • What do our rental hours include?

    Set up and clean up time must take place within client’s paid contracted time. It is customary to allow at least two hours for catering set-up and one hour for clean-up. A typical time block is 3:00-11:00 p.m., which includes the two hours of set-up and the one hour of breakdown. If your event goes over day of, your credit card will be charged the next business day.

  • Who can cater my event?

    Fleisher maintains a list of recommended caterers, but we do not have an exclusive caterer and clients are welcome to use a caterer of their choice. Some options:


    Recommended florist:

  • Are there any time restrictions?

    Fleisher is situated in the Bella Vista neighborhood. With respect to our neighbors, all sound/music should end by 9:00 pm on weekdays and 10:00 pm on weekends.

  • What is the maximum capacity for an event?

    We can host up to 134 guests seated, 130 guests cocktail style.

  • Can we decorate?

    In order to preserve our space, decorations may not be placed on walls or ceilings of the facilities. Use of candles, fire, smoke machines, glitter, and confetti are not permitted in the space. We suggest electric votives.

  • Is furniture included?

    Yes, please see Fleisher’s furniture list here.

    Additional items may be rented through your caterer. Clients and caterers are responsible for the acquisition, delivery, safe operation, removal, and all costs associated with additional rental equipment.

  • Is there a changing area?

    We do not allow full bridal parties to get ready on site. Fleisher can include access to an art studio for the clients only.

  • Can we store items in advance?

    For weekday events: The client may drop items off the day before the event, and must pick up the night of or the following day.

    For weekend events: The client may drop items off the Friday before the event, and must pick up the following Monday.

  • What is Fleisher’s alcohol policy?

    Clients may bring or have purchased alcohol delivered on site during the rental time. The sale of alcohol is not permitted (no cash bars). A soft closing must be conducted at least 30 minutes prior to the end of the event. Alcoholic drinks must be served by a licensed bartender/caterer which is supplied by your caterer.

  • What exhibition will be in the gallery?

    Our gallery space is a great option for small events and cocktail hours. Please review the exhibition schedule with the rental coordinator to get an idea of what will be on view. Additionally, we remind you to make sure guests maintain the utmost respect for our permanent and temporary art exhibitions. This includes walking in gallery areas, refraining from touching work, and not setting up stationary food or drink.

  • Is live music allowed?

    Fleisher’s Sanctuary is a wonderful venue for live bands, performances, and DJs. DJs and acoustic music are permitted but live amplified music is not. Fleisher reserves the right of final approval of music vendors. We have a limited selection of AV equipment. Please contact the special events coordinator for more information. As a courtesy to our neighbors, music must end by 9:00 pm on weekdays and 10:00 pm on weekends.

  • What outdoor space is available?

    Guests are welcome to use Fleisher’s Bootsie Weiss Children’s Garden for their outdoor needs. Adjacent to Fleisher Art Memorial is city-managed Palumbo Park. Palumbo Park is open to the public. For formal set-up requests, clients must complete a permit through the city of the Philadelphia. Download a permit application. Music cannot be amplified in Palumbo park.

  • Does the building have heat and air conditioning?

    Fleisher has central heat and air conditioning throughout the building.

  • Do I need to hire an event planner or coordinator?

    Two members of Fleisher’s event staff will be on site during your event to answer any venue-related questions, provide general assistance, oversee the building, and support the catering staff. Fleisher staff are not responsible for planning, cueing, or the details of your event. Fleisher strongly encourages the hiring or appointing of a representative (i.e. wedding or meeting planner, caterer, trusted friend or family member) to manage details during the event.

  • When can my vendors and guests be present onsite?

    We only book one event per day to ensure the best experience for every client. The venue opens two hours before your event start or based on your contracted time, including an hour scheduled for vendor breakdown. You are welcome to coordinate any deliveries the week before.

  • Am I responsible for clean up?

    Fleisher will clean the space before your event including: sweeping, mopping, detailing the washrooms, and taking care of any necessary repairs. The caterer will be expected to clean and breakdown all event items as outlined in Fleisher’s catering contract.

  • Is the space ADA accessible?


  • Can guests park nearby?

    Parking is allowed in Fleisher’s 50-car parking lot. The streets surrounding Fleisher are limited to two-hour or permit parking. Please advise guests of these regulations. Fleisher’s parking lot will be locked at the caterer’s agreed upon exit time. There is usually ample on street parking if a car needs to be left overnight. Valet service is to be organized by the clients.

  • Can you recommend some photographers?

    Alex and Rachel Weddings (Fleisher teaching artist)
    Amber Johnson (Fleisher teaching artist)
    Love Me Do Photography
    Maria Mack Photography
    Nina Lily Photography
    Shannon Collins Photography

  • Can you recommend a DJ?

    Sara Sherr
    No Macarena
    Mike Vee

  • What if I need to cancel?

    In such a case, the client may reschedule the event to another date mutually convenient to the parties, applying the portion paid to the rescheduled event. In all other cases, the event fee will be forfeited by the client. Fleisher requests cancellations be made as soon as possible, so we can open the date up to our waiting list.