A Recap of the Annual Student Exhibition

On Friday, March 18, nearly 200 of our students, their friends and family, and our staff and faculty packed Fleisher’s galleries for the closing reception for the 118th Annual Student Exhibition. The exhibition is one of our favorite times of the year, and for this iteration we were treated to over 300 works by our incredibly talented students.

Congratulations are in order for the 54 students (listed below) who received a prize for their work in the show. If you see them in class during the spring term, make sure to give them a high five! And, as a reminder, if you have work in the show, please make sure to stop by between 10:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to pick it up.

First place – Shawn Allen-Dela Rosa
Second place – Jim Naughton
Third place – Edward Bell
Honorable mention – Alex Velitchko
Honorable mention – Joe Leonard
Honorable mention – Susan Odessey

Francis McCarthy Drawing Award
Neeraj Sebastian

Works on Paper
First place – Rita Bernstein
Second place – Shelley Gritz
Third place – Bethany Welch
Honorable mention – Melissa Jones

Still Life, Landscape, and Figure Painting
First place – Rosemary Carlson
Second place – Carly Goodman
Third place – Gretchen McGinnis
Honorable mention – Bill Becker
Honorable mention – Patricia Wong
Honorable mention – Ellen Gross
Honorable mention – Matt Dicke

Abstract Painting
First place – Hannelore Hamme
Second place – Vincent Martinez
Third place – Jessica Stanhagen
Honorable mention – Linda Farrow
Honorable mention – Amy Voloshin
Honorable mention – Linda Winsett
Honorable mention – Andrea Swatski Mikesell

First place – Adele Greenberg
Second place – Shirley Mackins
Third place – Janette Fairbanks Paull
Honorable mention – Jennifer Carlson

First place – Philip Maynard
Second place – Rachel Aland
Third place – Linda Karp Rudow
Honorable mention – Adele Greenberg
Honorable mention – Linda McCormick

Fiber Arts & Crafts
First place – Karen Walker
Second place – Micki Young
Third place – Jessica Talamas
Honorable mention – Susan M. Gordon

Charlotte Yudis Memorial Fund Award (for printmaking)
Ivan Krevolin

First place – Jaime Biondi
Second place – Jennifer Martorello
Third place – Daniel McElroy
Honorable mention – William Lukens
Honorable mention – Georgina Senior
Honorable mention – Laura Raymond

First place – Robert A. Gordon
Second place – Susan DiPronio
Third place – Scott McClellan
Honorable mention – David Cade
Honorable mention – Sandee Mandel
Honorable mention – Suzanne Becker
Honorable mention – Hillary Kover

Student Advisory Council Award
Stephen Stone-Bush
Honorable mention – Ellen Gross

Juror’s Purchase Award
Roy Vollmer

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