124th Annual Adult Student Exhibition

December 1, 2022 - January 27, 2023
Virtual Awards Ceremony: Friday, January 20, 6-8 pm
Closing Reception: Friday, January 27, 6-8pm

For 124 years, the Annual Adult Student Exhibition has celebrated the vibrant artwork created by Fleisher’s students. The exhibition provides students with the opportunity to show their work in a public gallery, with cash prizes awarded to students in a wide spectrum of mediums including fiber arts, drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, and photography.

Join us for the Virtual Awards Ceremony on Friday, January 20th, and the Closing Reception on Friday, January 27th.

2022 Awardees


First Place: Bernadette Sunner, Sprout, Children’s Book Illustration, Instructor: Andre Chaney

Second Place: Mary-Angela Papalaskari, Self Portrait in Recycling Bin (Perspective Study), Drawing with Confidence, Instructor: Barbara Zanelli

Third Place: Joy Wiltenburg, Clark Park beech , Drawing with Confidence, Instructor: Barbara Zanelli

Still Life, Landscape and Figure Painting

First Place: Taryn Gillies, Dumpsters, Intro to Portrait Painting, Instructor: Inga Kimberly Brown

Second Place: Louise Vallely, Model, 2022 , Portrait Painting, Instructor: Inga Kimberly Brown

Third Place: Daniel Van Dyk, Vienna, Portrait Painting, Instructor: Paul DuSold

Abstract Painting

First Place: Kathy Lieb, Collateral Damage, Critique Seminar, Instructor: Fran Gallun

Second Place: Judith Dutton, Houston Meadows II, Painting with Imagination, Instructor: Lara Cantu-Hertzler

Third Place: Ryan Myers, Fraternal Twins, Abstract and Intuitive Painting, Instructor: Chau Nguyen


First Place: Andrea Preis, Tra-la-la-tra-la, Ceramics Open Studio

Second Place: Rennia Rodney, Big Ass Pot, Nigerian & Ghanaian Pottery, Instructor: Robin Williams-Turnage

Third Place: Cynthia Bayer, Fig Newtons, Ceramics Open Studio


First Place: Julia Durand, Creatures at home, Ceramics Open Studio

Second Place: Mary Miraflor, Untitled, Portrait Sculpture, Instructor: Cathy Hopkins

Third Place: Carole Abercauph, Figure Study, Terracotta Figure Sculpture, Instructor: Cathy Hopkins

Fiber Arts & Crafts

First Place: Sheru Hoffman, Mosaic Collage, Mosaics, Instructor: Carol Stirton-Broad

Second Place: Francesca Lally, Sythie, Frame It Yourself, Instructor: Robert Stauffer

Third Place: Bonita Sklar-Friedman, The Wizard’s Secrets, Mosaics, Instructor: Carol Stirton-Broad


First Place: Peri Law, mishandled, Papermaking, Instructor: Anna Benjamin

Second Place: Phoebe Murer, Geyser Eruption, Screenprint, Instructor: Bill Brookover

Third Place: Ash Fritzsche, Billy’s Conex, Stone Lithography, Instructor: Peter Hartz


First Place: Olivia Davis, Wildwood Fog, Darkroom: Color Photography, Instructor: Ahmed Salvador

Second Place: Elise Harven, Peak into Paradise, Darkroom: Color Photography, Instructor: Ahmed Salvador

Third Place: Steve Schultz, Legacy, Darkroom Open Studio

Erick J. Dougherty Award in Photography
Jon Kriney, Folded House, Darkroom: Color Photography, Instructor: Ahmed Salvador

Student Advisory Council Award
Sarvelia Peralta-Duran, Venus Garden, Collage and Papercutting, Instructor: Henry Bermudez

Francis McCarthy Drawing Award
Diane Fredrickson, Le Petite Elephant, Introduction to Drawing, Instructor: Barbara Zanelli


Do I need to be a Fleisher member to participate in the student exhibition?
Yes, all student exhibition participants must be both students and members of Fleisher Art Memorial.

When should I deliver my artwork?
From November 9 to November 18 between the hours of 11AM and 8PM Monday to Thursday, and from 10AM to 3PM on Fridays.

Are there size limitations?
Students can submit one piece. It should be no larger than 36″ in any direction (including frame) to make sure there is room to display everyone’s work. For digital artworks, your instructor will collect the work for you to be displayed on our gallery screen.

Should my artwork be ready to hang?
Yes. This doesn’t mean that it needs to be framed, but there should be a way for us to display your work properly without causing damage to your work. Works on paper without frames will be hung using magnets.

When is the exhibition?
The exhibition opens on Thursday, December 1, 2022 and closes on Friday, January 27, 2023.

When is the Awards Ceremony?
The Awards Ceremony takes place on Friday, January 20 from 6-8PM on zoom. In addition, we will have a Closing Reception on Friday, January 27th at 6-8PM (in person at the gallery) to celebrate our adult student community.

When can I pick up my work?
You can pick up your artwork after the Closing Reception or between January 27-February 10 during Fleisher’s regular business hours.

What is my medium?
It’s best if you can narrow it down to the following categories so that the juror can make the appropriate decisions:
– Drawing
– Works on Paper (Collage & Watercolor)
– Representational Painting (Still Life, Landscape and Figure Painting)
– Abstract Painting
– Ceramics
– Sculpture (including mixed media)
– Fiber Arts & Crafts (Fabric Work, Book Arts, Mosaics, Framing, Jewelry)
– Printmaking (Screenprinting, Lithography, Etching, Woodcut, Pronto Plate Lithography,
– Photography (Digital, Darkroom)
– Digital (Photoshop, Animation, Video)

Here’s an example of an exhibition label:
Jane Doe
Fire Alarm, 2022
15″ x 22″ – size of artwork, not frame
Work on paper